Peer Pressure
Our programs are created for a family audience to allow the entire family enjoy viewing television together without worries. The shows are designed to both educate as well entertain our audience from a strong moral point.

We are a media organization dedicated to finding

innovative ways to make the world of media

safe for the whole family

A 24 Hour, terrestrial Dt2 digital edutainment television broadcasting Ghana Broadcasting....

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A social media platform that seeks to provide a safe alternative to families with virtual oriented...

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A 24 Hour radio station airing online with an app on Google Play and the Apple store....

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An edutainment full color family magazine created as a print alternative to our electronic...

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Safe For the Whole Family Since 2014


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Over the past five (5) years, we have accomplished enormous success in seeking safe spaces in the media for the family through the setting up of safe media platforms which include, Television, Magazine, radio and on the world wide web.

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